How To Make Shrimp Tempura


How to Make Shrimp Tempura

Try this simple to make shrimp tempura. See pictures and descriptions to make a fine tempura.

How to Make Shrimp Tempura

  • Tempura Batter
  • Fresh Shrimp
Make sure the shrimp is deveined (pic.1 & Pic 2) . If not, use a toothpick or a tweezer and pull it out. Peel the shrimp by pulling the legs off, and then peeling the shell off. Keep the last abdominal segment on.(Pic.3)
Make horizontal slits on the belly so they don’t curl up when they fry.(pic.4)

When frying a shrimp, make sure to trim the tail, (pic.5) and especially the sharp end in the
middle (telson). (Pic.6) This can prick your tongue, and it can also pop while it is frying.

Towel try the shrimp and lightly cover it with batter. (Don't batter the tail). Slowly immerse
the shrimp head first into the heated oil (350 degrees Fahrenheit).Wait until the pitch of the
sound of frying becomes higher, and the bubbles become finer. (Pic.7 & pic.8)
Drain on a grill before serving. And the shrimp tempura is ready to serve... great Japanese classic tempura..!